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Mothers Day Gifts 2014 for Mom

Mother’s day is celebrated for honoring all the mothers and their motherhood. It is generally celebrated in the spring and on different days in different areas of the world. This celebration had first taken place in the USA. This day celebrates the affection and love between all the mothers and their children. Giving birth to a child and helping him to grow up is the world’s most difficult task yet mothers are known to carry off this task so very easily. This is the crux of motherhood. It is a great challenge as well as a mother goes through a lot of hardships in this whole process. This is a very special day for mothers and also for children.

How this Auspicious Day should be Celebrated?

Mothers are an entity who is perhaps much greater than God. Because of them, we are here. Because of them, mankind has been possible. They understand their children like no one else can. Mother’s Day is celebrated for thanking them for all their efforts and sacrifices. If you wish to make your mother feel very special, then you can think of mothers day gifts 2014. This year, get your mother a unique gift to bring a big smile on her face.

Things to Gift your Mother on Mother’s Day

This year, Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 11th. Some of the best mothers day gifts 2014 are listed as follows:

Jewelry: Every woman is fond of jewelry. You can gift her, a solitaire pendant necklace. This is definitely going to make her feel very special. Though it can be a bit expensive, but priceless for the person you are purchasing it.

Coffee mug: Mother itself is a special word and also the loveliest. For those children who are students and do not earn much, they can gift their mothers, a personalized coffee mug with a sweet note. Photo frame can be an alternative affordable gift item. You can frame a nice photo of your mother or a family photo.

Idol: Most mothers are highly spiritual. Hence, Ganesha or any other spiritual idol will be a very ideal gift for Mother’s day as it is known to reflect calm and peace.

Purse: Mothers love carrying handbags with them. So gift her, an outstanding velvet clutch and leave her mesmerized. A clutch is highly ethnic and the most ideal for a traditional get up.


Cake & cookies: Surround your mother with outstanding flavors on her special day. Gift her, a strawberry cake along with red roses. This will make her day. Anything sweet is considered holy and what can be more holy than Mother’s Day. This is one of the best mothers day gifts 2014.


Flower and bouquets: Flowers are the most perfect gift for mothers. They are colorful and vibrant and also universally loved. Brighten this very special day by gifting your mother fresh flowers. You can yourself a gift to your mother or you can also have them delivered. Having them delivered will be a big surprise for your mother.

Show your mother that you have appreciated each and everything, she has been doing for you for all these years with ideal gifts. Gifts are just a way of thanking your mother. But the greatest gift you can give your mother is your unconditional love, time and importance.